Type Of Yantra

Different Types of Yantras :

  • Surya Yantra.
  • Chandra Yantra.
  • Mangal Yantra.
  • Buddha Yantra.
  • Guru Yantra.
  • Shukra Yantra.
  • Shani Yantra.
  • Rahu Yantra.

Surya Yantra Puja
This yantra should be established on Sunday in any auspicious muhurat. A person who wants to establish it,  must wake up early in the morning before sunrise and wear pure white clothes after completing his daily routine.

Chandra Yantra

  • Shri Chandra yantra enhances the peace of mind and leads to mental stability.
  • When the moon in horoscope is wrongly placed, this yantra can help overcome the negative effects and get beneficial results.
  • When the moon is in a benefic position, Shri Chandra yantra can help enhance the benefits received
  • Enhances profits and helps in achieving stability in money related matters
  • The person will gain wealth, precious items like gold, gems and silver moving towards a luxurious life.

Mangal Yantra
Mangal Yantra is a very powerful and extremely helpful way of enjoying great results. It can easily save you from accidents, cures, diseases, anger and debts. You will overcome and enjoy quick recovery if you worship it every day.

Buddha Yantra

Buddha Yantra is for the appeasement of the planet Mercury. Where Mercury is afflicted by Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu or is debilitated, this is very helpful in strengthening Mercury.

Guru Yantra 
The Guru Yantra must be established properly in the house or the worship place to derive the best benefits out of it.

Shukra Yantra 

Venus is the planet of beauty and luxury. Where the Shukra is very strong the person is good looking and always lives in a luxurious environment.

Shani Yantra 
Shani Yantra is very effective in curtailing the malefic effects of planet Saturn. When Saturn is affecting you adversely or if you are under the influence of Sade Sati, using Shani Yantra proves beneficial.

Rahu Yantra 
Rahu can be appeased through devoted worship of Rahu Yantra to prevent yourself from danger from hidden enemies, wrong diagnosis of illness and deceit from those around you. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.




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