•  Laxmi Charan Paduka (Ashtadhatu)

Brass Laxmi Charan Paduka or तांबा निर्मित लक्ष्मी चरण पादुका  is a rare Lucky Charm ,very well described in Vedas and Puranas. It is believed that keeping this in your Puja Room, Office, Home or Business Premises etc. is very good for Wealth. As it symbolizes the foot prints of Maha Laxmi Devi of Wealth and Prosperity. Goddess Laxmi emerged as fifteenth ratna in the bridal attire with lotus mala in her hand for Lord Vishnu or Narayana. Everyone hailed the Laxmi-Narayana and Goddess Laxmi set her foot on haven.

Brass is made of copper and zinc. In spirituality, copper is the metal of Venus. Therefore brass to an extent shares the spiritual or cosmic qualities of copper that are associated with charisma, beauty, artistic creativity, and harmony. We have brass items used exclusively in Hindu pujas. These items are made from brass made of the finest quality. A Vedic puja is not just about offering prayers but pleasing the deities with offerings of the finest quality.

Having much expertise and a blend of creative mix, we have been offering our patrons with a genuine and premium range of Brass Laxmi Paduka. Known for offering the premium products, the company is acknowledged for the smooth finish and genuine raw materials. Consequently the products are durable and have more service life. Offered Brass Laxmi Paduka is highly demanded among our precious clients for its shiny finish and attractive pattern.

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Laxmi Charan Paduka (Ashtadhatu)

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  • Jitendra saxena

    My first experience wearing recommended rudrakshas was incredible. Within a day, I determined that its energy was worthy of great respect. In the first several hours, I experienced a deep relaxation and fluidity within my body. After some weeks of wearing, I started noticing positive changes in my person—not just physical, but mental changes too. Nowadays I recover much faster after competitive events and workouts .I must say that it had the greatest influence in my personal and professional life .I am very glad to have find your website and your professional advices which are real treasure in my Life. May God and Goddess bless your business...

  • Dinesh Pal

    I received my orders today. This time, Courier service seems to be OK. I am going to present Mala and beads to my "Guru" tomorrow. Once again thank you very much for your courtesy and service. With regards...

  • Mahesh Dabral

    Just to thank you so very much for the bracelet which arrived safely this morning (your service is excellent as always). Thank you very much, It is so beautiful. The Dhaayan bracelet is gorgeous – I feel such a deep connection to this items, I will love wearing it. Thank you, as always, for your wonderful service, it’s always a pleasure to buy from you. Please do use my comments on your testimonials page. It’s my great pleasure to support you. Very best wishes,..

  • Raju Pradhan

    Just wanted to say thanks, as I have ordered many things from you since the first time when you came in Internet. There is no shop like yours who look each clients with priority, speedy reply, genuine and quality products, reasonable prices and most important to make them in wearable form free of charge. Never had a problem with delivery and the items are always intact on arrival. The items themselves are beautiful .I will be continuously ordering from you in future. Thank you..